Summary of the 4 experiments, including objectives, seeding treatments, and establishment treatments evaluated.

 ObjectiveSeeding treatmentsEstablishment treatments
Experiment IEvaluate effectiveness of imazapic applications in pasture-sized plots sown with a mix of NWSG (alone) or a mix of NWSG + WF.NWSG (alone)
Mix of NWSG + WF
Control: no imazapic
Imazapic: 0.15 l/ha (2 oz/ac)
Experiment IICompare establishment of NWSG and WF at 4 different rates of imazapic application.NWSG (alone)
Mix of NWSG + WF
Control: no imazapic
Low: 0.15 l/ha (2 oz/ac)
Medium: 0.29 l/ha (6 oz/ ac)
High: 0.73 l/ha (12 oz/ac)
Experiment IIIEvaluate how imazapic applications might interact with spatially segregating NWSG and WF species at planting.NWSG + WF planted together
NWSG + WF planted spatially separate
Control: no imazapic
Imazapic: 0.44 l/ha (6 oz/ac)
Experiment IVEvaluate 2 glyphosate application treatments and 2 other non-chemical strategies for establishing wildflowers.Mix of NWSG + WFGlyphosate
Glyphosate and raking of thatch
Prescribed fire
  • Notes: NWSG, native warm-season grasses; WF, wildflowers.