Bothriochloa species collections from Texas evaluated in the development of Santiago Germplasm.

AccessionGenus Bothriochloa, speciesCountyLocationSoil texture
9089003laguroidesUvaldeHighway 90 just east of Kinney county lineLoam
9090632laguroidesVal VerdeHighway 163 north of ComstockLoam
9109978laguroidesTerrellLongfellow Ranch HQGravelly loam
9109980laguroidesVal VerdeHighway 90 at LangtryChannery loam
9109983barbinodisTerrellHighway 349 south of SheffieldGravelly loam
9109986barbinodisVal VerdeHighway 90 west of Del RioSilty clay
9109989barbinodisUvaldeHighway 55 south of campgroundSilty clay loam
9109990barbinodisPecosHighway 349 south of SheffieldGravelly loam
9109991laguroidesBrewsterHighway 67 near HoveyLoam
9109992laguroidesPecosI-10 west of SheffieldGravelly loam
9109993barbinodisTerrellLongfellow Ranch NE Reiniger PastureSilty clay loam
9109994barbinodisUvaldeHighway 55 and 334 at LagunaSilty clay loam
9109995laguroidesKinneyHighway 334Silty clay loam
9110001barbinodisPecosHighway 285 north of SandersonGravelly loam
9110006barbinodisTerrellTNC Independence Creek, North CanyonGravelly loam
9110008laguroidesTerrellTNC Independence Creek, North CanyonGravelly loam
9110014laguroidesPecosLongfellow Ranch Reina PastureGravelly loam
9110016laguroidesBrewsterHighway 90 b/t Alpine and MarathonSilt loam
9110045barbinodisJeff DavisTNC Davis Mountains PreserveVery gravelly sandy loam
9110050barbinodisBrewsterFM 1703 west of AlpineVery gravelly loam
9110051laguroidesTerrellHwy 90 between Sanderson and DrydenGravelly loam
9110052laguroidesUvaldeHwy 127 and 83, ConcanClay
9110053laguroidesBrewsterHwy 90 west of SandersonLoam
9111577barbinodisJeff DavisHwy 17 between Ft Davis and MarfaLoam
9111584laguroidesReevesI-10 east of Balmorhea, east of Hwy 2448Loam
9111586laguroidesPecosHwy 1776 and Hwy 1450Gravelly loam
9111590laguroidesJeff DavisHwy 90 east of ValentineClay loam
9111595barbinodisPresidioMimms Ranch, MarfaClay loam
9111597laguroidesPresidioMimms Ranch, MarfaLoam
9111602laguroidesBrewsterHwy 118 north of AlpineLoam
9111605barbinodisBrewsterHwy 118 south of AlpineClay loam
9111608barbinodisJeff DavisCaldwell RanchGravelly loam
9111611barbinodisJeff DavisCaldwell RanchVery cobbly silt loam
9111615laguroidesUvaldeHwy 1050 west of UtopiaClay loam
9111617laguroidesBrewsterHwy 118 south of AlpineClay loam
9111619barbinodisBrewsterHwy 118 north of Study ButteVery gravelly sandy loam
9111621laguroidesBrewsterHwy 118 north of Study ButteVery gravelly sandy loam
9111622barbinodisBrewsterHwy 118 south of AlpineGravelly loam
9111626laguroidesPresidioHwy 169 south of MarfaSilt clay loam
9111640laguroidesDawsonHwy 180 west of LamesaFine sandy loam
9111641laguroidesGainesHwy 180 west of LamesaLoamy fine sand
9111652barbinodisBrewsterMount Ord Ranch, Hwy 118 south of AlpineExtremely gravelly loam
9111671laguroidesEctorK-Bar Ranch, south of OdessaVery gravelly sandy loam
9111674laguroidesCraneK-Bar Ranch, south of OdessaLoam
9111677laguroidesUptonHwy 1492, south of MidlandVery gravelly sandy loam
9111681laguroidesMartinI-20 west of Big SpringLoam
9111682laguroidesWardHwy 1776 north of the Pecos RiverVery gravelly loam
9111700laguroidesCulbersonCounty Rd 114, E-SE of Delaware MtnsLoam
9111926barbinodisCokeButterfield Ranch, 8 mi S of Robert LeeClay loam
9111927laguroidesCokeFM 208 south of Robert LeeClay loam
9111928barbinodisUvaldeHighway 55 north of UvaldeSilt loam
9111929barbinodisUptonHighway 349 south of Highway 67Loam