Locations, cytotypes, and generalized provisional seed zone of basin wildrye populations and test sites used in this study.

Basin wildrye populationsLatitudeLongitudeCytotypeProvisional seed zoneCounty, State
Bartine Ranch39.53−116.34Octoploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Eureka, Nevada
Crescent Valley40.56−116.14Octoploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Elko, Nevada
West Elko40.82−115.80Octoploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Elko, Nevada
Willow Creek41.29−114.84Octoploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Elko, Nevada
Secret Creek40.87−115.32Tetraploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Elko, Nevada
Walti Ranch39.94−116.57Tetraploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Eureka, Nevada
Wilkins41.37−114.80Tetraploid10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Elko, Nevada
Angel Creek41.05−115.02Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6Elko, Nevada
Grasshopper Spring39.22−114.69Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6White Pine, Nevada
Pinto Summit39.45−114.94Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6Eureka, Nevada
Rosebud39.01−114.67Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6White Pine, Nevada
Windfall Canyon39.46−115.97Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6Eureka, Nevada
Burge Ranch41.47−117.53Octoploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Humboldt, Nevada
Grass Valley Road40.51−117.60Octoploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Pershing, Nevada
Melendez Ranch38.93−115.17Octoploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12White Pine, Nevada
Paradise Valley41.52−117.54Octoploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Humboldt, Nevada
Antelope39.40−115.47Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Eureka, Nevada
Eureka39.51−115.96Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Eureka, Nevada
Gleason Creek39.46−115.04Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12White Pine, Nevada
King Top Mountain39.04−113.62Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Millard, Utah
Pleasant Valley40.25−117.67Tetraploid15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Pershing, Nevada
Grass Valley39.47−117.00Octoploid20-25 Deg. F. / 6-12Lander, Nevada
Eldorado Canyon40.52−118.23Tetraploid20-25 Deg. F. / 6-12Pershing, Nevada
Twentyone Mile Hill39.77−119.69Tetraploid20-25 Deg. F. / 6-12Washoe, Nevada
West of Water Canyon40.61−116.68Tetraploid20-25 Deg. F. / 6-12Lander, Nevada
Test sitesLatitudeLongitude Provisional seed zoneCounty, State
Nephi39.64−111.87 15-20 Deg. F. / 6-12Juab, Utah
Fountain Green39.61−111.61 10-15 Deg. F. / 6-12Sanpete, Utah
Spanish Fork40.07−111.62 15-20 Deg. F. / 3-6Utah, Utah
Orovada41.53−117.75 20-25 Deg. F. / 6-12Humboldt, Nevada